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Group Discussion: Challenges in the Paralegal Profession Today

Posted by Texas Paralegal Division Blogger at blog@txpd.org on March 10, 2010

Thank you for joining our online discussion on challenges facing the paralegal profession today. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or just peek in to see what other people are saying.

Questions for discussion:
What challenges are you facing as a paralegal? What difficulties are affecting your workplace and your coworkers? What obstacle do you see becoming an issue in the future?

2 Responses to “Group Discussion: Challenges in the Paralegal Profession Today”

  1. Kathy Strawn-Frank said

    The greatest challenge I find facing the paralegal profession today is keeping up with the rapidly changing legal softwares. Some great tools are out there, but law firms are requiring so many different softwares from firm to firm. Challenges facing the workplace and co-workers still remain the same: the life/work balance. There still are not enough flex hours or methods available to facilitate daycare and elder care issues. For me, the greatest obstacle in the future is a combination of the two issues referred to above: keeping abreast of rapidly advancing technology, time for work v. time for family, and managing my work load while caring for an aging parent in my home.

  2. Michael J. Garcia said

    For me I welcome the challenge of keeping up to date with software, but I will say I have trouble finding classes to fully learn the software that firms are requiring.
    I think my challenge and pet peeve (and this is not directed to the Paralegals/Legal Assistants that were around before formal training)- I went back to college (ABA approved program) and obtained a Paralegal Certificate (in addition to the Arts degree and Nursing Diploma I already have). I felt that the formal training (and the cost) was necessary for me to be able to do the best job I could do. Texas not having a formal requirement for Paralegals (only a suggestion) anyone can call themselves a Paralegal/Legal Assistant. I think that my education is not fully valued because in essence as long as the attorney accepts responsibility for what their staff’s work is, no push to assure minimum standards for Paralegals are set. I think what states like California requires for their Paralegal’s would as a whole improve our profession.

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