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Michele Boerder, CP, TBLS – a PD Ambassador » Michele%20Boerder

2 Responses to “Michele%20Boerder”

  1. Ms. Boerder: Hello, my name is Hector Sanchez, I am a paralegal in Dallas, Texas. Can you tell me where I can find a PreTrial Deadline chart, specifically for Texas Civil County and District Courts? Something that would have the Discovery Deadline, Expert Witness Deadline, Motions in Limine, etc., and include the specific Rule fo each?

    • Hi Hector,

      This is Cynthia and I write this blog. I apologize, but I just now saw your question. The pre-trial deadlines depend on what discovery level your case is using. The discovery deadlines are different for each one. You can consult the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure starting with Rule 190. If you are in a level 3 discovery level, the lawyers and the courts draft a discovery and scheduling order and the deadlines are usually agreed upon. Hope that helps.

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