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The Texas Paralegal Journal

Posted by Texas Paralegal Division Blogger at blog@txpd.org on August 1, 2013

The Texas Paralegal Journal (TPJ) is a first class quarterly publication of the Texas State Bar’s Paralegal Division.  It is edited by, and filled wiImageth articles and insightful information from, volunteers and ads from supporting vendors.

The key word to remember here is “volunteer.”  As a paralegal, your schedule can be demanding.  It certainly can leave little spare time for hours of volunteer or pro bono work.  If you are unavailable to spend your much needed personal days doing pro bono work and really want to make a difference, all is not lost.   The Texas Paralegal Journal is a great way to show your volunteer support for the profession.  Sharing your knowledge, expertise, and time by writing and submitting articles is one way to serve the community.  And, the Texas Paralegal Journal needs YOU!!!

Heidi Beginski, a Board Certified Paralegal, is the TPJ Editor, and she needs help in the form of insightful submissions and advertising for Imagefuture issues.  You can help out in many ways including:  1) writing articles;  2) submitting articles you may have written or presented for CLE;  3) by contacting an author / presenter that you really liked and asking them to submit an article; or 4) better yet, asking your supervising attorney to collaborate with you on submitting an article.

The Division makes it easy to submit an article.  Articles should be submitted to pd@txpd.org in Word format, with all footnotes/endnotes in a separate document.  You can find more information regarding topics and submission at the submission tab or by clicking through here.   http://txpd.org/TPJ/tpj_submit.asp.   In addition, a reprint permission form from the author must also be submitted, which can also be found at the TPJ tab.  There is no tricky editing or formatting involved!

If there is a vendor you enjoy working with who would benefit from advertising and marketing to the Texas legal community statewide, please invite them to visit the PD website where they can view past volumes of the TPJ online.  Here they can obtain a media kit and rate card, or you can share the following link  http://txpd.org/TPJ/tpj_archive.asp.

The Division is very thankful for volunteers that care, and especially for Heidi and the work that she does as editor.  We would like to keep our first class publication chuck full of informative, substantive and useful information, so lets show our support by helping her with the TPJ.


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